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Is Firewall Necessary for Data Security?

The use of internet has proliferated in the current era. Moreover, the acquiring of digital gadgets is easy, because they are cheap. The scenario places all the users at risk of external penetration by the intruders with evil intentions. It is, therefore, essential to have your network protected by use of a firewall. It works by identifying the threats and preventing their execution on electronic gadgets.

Ask From the Experts in PCI Compliance and Network Security

We are happy to handle the question that comes from the curious reader, who want to remain compliant with the PCI guidelines. Our site together has invested in qualified experts, who will handle your question based on its urgency. The following is one of the concerns from our reader;

I run a sandwich business, and I use the card reader via the internet. Currently, I don’t have an installed computer in my shop. It’s a straightforward operation, and I usually use any computer to access the network. My credit for all four cards is about$1000, which is not a considerable amount. I don’t know whether I should buy a hardware firewall Unit? I consulted my internet provider and the bank but failed to give a solution.

Based on the Scenario, Does the Trader Needs a Firewall?

I will not hesitate to recommend a firewall for your business. Remember, even though your business is small, this does not make it selective to the cybersecurity. In fact, small enterprises are more targeted than the large corporations. Additionally, it is essential to note that safety of your credit cards is necessary and is a requirement that should be met. Besides, the bad guys scour the internet, to detect an open hotspot, where they can execute their targets. They can extract colossal information from your card before you realize, everything is wired to a different account.I want to chiefly state that any online transaction should be well guarded, irrespective of the size of the business.

Furthermore, SAQ B-IP requires any business owner operating on credit cards to have a firewall. PCI compliant firewall is the only way to protect your data, and evade the fraudsters, who pose on the internet to steal your money. Adhering to all the regulation is for your benefit.

What is the Solution?

Read through our free white paper, 5 Critical IT Challenges You Can Solve Today.Moreover, PCI guidelines has firewall options that are easy to manage and at the same time economical. For more educational releases and webinar tutorials, subscribe to this blog for more tips.




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